Invited Talk at University of Virginia

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I was invited to give a talk at the University of Virginia’s ECE distinguished seminar series.

The title of the talk was “The Evolving Landscape of the DNS”, and the abstract follows: “This talk will give an overview of recent developments in the evolution of the Domain Name System (DNS), the distributed global database that provides name to address mappings (and more) for the Internet. After a brief review of the DNS, it will cover how the worldwide DNS ecosystem has been evolving in recent years, and where it might be going in the future. Topics will include DNSSEC (cryptographic authentication of DNS data), DANE (DNSSEC as a PKI for applications), DNS Privacy (DNS over authenticated and encrypted transports such as TLS, HTTPS, QUIC), impacts of middleboxes, industry consolidation trends, and tensions between the deployment of new DNS features and the prevailing security postures of corporate networks. Lastly, the talk will discuss how academic researchers could more effectively participate in the engineering and evolution of the DNS system.”

It was arranged by my friend and former Verisign research intern, Yixin Sun, now a CS faculty member at UVA. The talk went well, and I had an engaged audience that asked lots of questions. Most of the day prior to the talk was spent meeting with various faculty members and researchers to discuss topics of mutual interest. I also spoke with Yixin and her graduate students about possible DNS research areas for collaboration.

Slides: Evolving Landscape of the DNS.

Recording of the talk.

Shumon Huque