DNS work at IETF 119

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Re-gurgitating a post on LinkedIn about my DNS work at the recent IETF 119 meeting.

The first session of the DNS Operations Working Group at hashtag#IETF119 in Brisbane was on Monday (March 18th). Three of the documents I’m working on were on the agenda: Compact Denial of Existence (almost done; co-authors: Christian Elmerot and Olafur Gudmundsson), Delegation Revalidation (co-authors: Paul Vixie and Willem Toorop), and Greasing Protocol Extension Points in the DNS (brand new; co-author: Mark Andrews). Willem Toorop has been recruited as a new co-author on Delegation Revalidation and presented the latest updates on that. I did the other two.



Full recording of the session is available here.