Around London with my brother

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I’ve been in London for nearly a week and a half for the IETF 101 meeting, and stayed the weekend after to visit and catch up with my (many) relatives here. This Sunday (March 25th) I walked around London with my brother and his wife. A bit chilly and overcast, but we still had a great time. The London half marathon was in progress when we started out near St Paul’s Cathedral (where there was some sort of “Palm Sunday” thing going on too). Most of the day was spent wandering around London on foot visiting St Paul’s, Millenial bridge, Tate, the Shard, Burrough market, Tower Bridge, St Katherine’s Dock (where we had lunch at a Dumpling place), and misc East London buildings, including the Salesforce building. We parted ways at the Liverpool St station tube stop.

Photos here.