ISOC ION Panel - Advancing the Network

1 minute read

“I tend to think of IPv6 & DNSSEC both a little bit like global warming … something that is developing kind of slowly … they’re both inevitable, it’s a just a question of how long it’s going to take” – Paul Mockapetris.

The Internet Society has posted a video (1 hour 7 minutes) of the ISOC ION panel that I moderated on “Advancing the Network - Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Headed” in San Diego on December 11th.

The panelists were Ron Broersma (DREN), Paul Ebersman (Infoblox), John Spence (nephos6), and Paul Mockapetris (Nominum; and inventor of the DNS), and the main topics of discussion were IPv6 and DNSSEC. All the presentations and the subsequent Q&A were quite informative and worth listening to.

One correction I should make to something I said in my introductory remarks. My last slide showed some statistics from the SecSpider DNSSEC zone monitoring project. Since that project relies on user submissions and some amount of crawling, by now, it vastly underestimates the amount of DNSSEC deployment. There aggregate numbers are roughly 275,000 signed zones, whereas the actual number is a lot higher. The netherlands Top Level Domain (.NL) for example has more than 1.4 million signed zones underneath it:

–Shumon Huque