1. DNS Amplification Attacks

    There has been a lot of talk recently about DNS amplification attacks (with prominent news reports of high bandwidth attacks targeted at anti-spam services, cloud providers, financial institutions, etc). These are a class of denial of service attack that use DNS servers to emit large amounts of traffic onto unsuspecting …

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  2. DNSSEC and Certificates

    DNSSEC is a system to verify the authenticity of DNS data using public key signatures. With increasing deployment of DNSSEC comes the possibility of applications using the DNS to store and retrieve TLS/SSL certificates in an authenticated manner. And possibly obviating the need for public/global certification authorities (CA …

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  3. IPv6 at Penn

    World IPv6 Launch (June 6th 2012) is fast approaching, so I thought I'd share some details about IPv6 deployment at the University of Pennsylvania and what we've recently done to prepare for this event.

    A quick history

    Penn runs a regional network called MAGPI, which connects Research & Education (R&E …

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  4. Penn's DNS Zone

    Some data from a quick analysis of the contents of the University of Pennsylvania's primary DNS zone (upenn.edu):

    Zone: upenn.edu.
      Total RR     = 624221
      Total RR     = 159928 (excluding DNSSEC records)
      Total RRsets = 464295
      Total RRsets = 155165 (exluding DNSSEC records) 
      Total Names  = 154570
      TTL min, max, avg = 0, 114000, 38562 …
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  5. IPv6 and DNS+DNSSEC Classes I'm Teaching

    I'm teaching two half day classes on IPv6 and DNS/DNSSEC at the LOPSA PICC conference (Professional IT Community Conference), being held May 11-12, 2012 in New Brunswick, NJ. This is a regional IT and system administration conference run by the New Jersey chapter of the League of Professional System …

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  6. A start, of sorts

    A colleague on her office door, has a picture of a famous New Yorker cartoon, in which one dog says to another, "I had my own blog for a while, but I decided to go back to just pointless incessant barking". Well, I finally decided to join the barking classes …

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