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  1. Arecibo Observatory

    I'm in Puerto Rico for the DNS-OARC Workshop and ICANN 61 meeting. Yesterday, with some conference friends, we visited the world famous Arecibo Observatory. From it's completion in 1963 until about mid-2016, it was the world's largest radio telescope (at which time it was overtaken by the Aperture Spherical Telescope …

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  2. Srimongol Village visit

    We visited (completely unannounced) a small village in Srimongol, Bangladesh on this day. The locals (and especially the kids) were delighted to see us. And one of the young girls, Jasmin, even invited us into their family's home to sit down with them for a bit.

    Here's a short video …

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  3. Qname Minimization talk

    Originally hosted on storify (which shut down), this is a collection of social media references to my talk on DNS Query-Name Minimization at the May 2015 DNS-OARC Workshop in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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  4. DNS Amplification Attacks

    There has been a lot of talk recently about DNS amplification attacks (with prominent news reports of high bandwidth attacks targeted at anti-spam services, cloud providers, financial institutions, etc). These are a class of denial of service attack that use DNS servers to emit large amounts of traffic onto unsuspecting …

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