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On the job haikus, limericks, and assorted poetry composed by staff members in ISC Networking & Telecommunications ..

A little doggerel on debugging IP multicast with Stan Valciukas ..

Trash the OpenMash cache, rehash.
Sigh. Hopes dashed.

-Mark Levinson

A Haiku on Steve F.'s route config problems ..

his RCS files
are roach motels, they check in
but they don't check out

-Mark Levinson

Something from NTAG ..

Cat like readiness, tensions lapping,
waiting for network links to start flapping.
Often found with a puzzle
drinking beers that they guzzle.
The waiting turns into cat napping!

-Jeff Edwards

Limerick 1 -- Kristina Victoreen

there was a programmer named John
who liked to program in Python
said John, It's terrific
I'm now so prolific
I get to quit work before dawn!

Uberlimerick - by Deke

In a small eastern town known as "Philly"
Where the winters were cool but not chilly
     Every good boy and girl
     learned to program in perl
and had "theme days" on which to act silly

There we could find these personas,
they worked hard and clearly were known as,
     intelligent heroes
     working with ones and zeros
biting limes and drinking Coronas

An old sysadmin known as Mark,
liked to race cars but hated to park
     he could dump(8) and dd(1)
     he could pipe(2) things through tee(1)
and he did his best work after dark

A webmistress there known as Yetter,
Spent long hours to make things work better,
     she streamlined her code
     she reduced system load
and then wrote each end user a letter

A top-notch producer, our Gates,
he could manage six jobs on three plates,
     he'd produce a CD,
     VHS, DVD,
or a live TV show on two dates

That's all that I wanted to say,
At least right now, here today.
     I may write more verses
     about my coworkers,
who do fabulous work while they play.

Sonnet in honor of mrl's departure May 28, 2003 - Kristina

The time has come for Mark to part with Penn
Methinks he is just bored with my haiku
I heard him say, "Oh no, not that again
So here's a sonnet, Mark, this one's for you

He dumped his brain so all of us could learn
The esoteric things we need to know
But I predict Mark Levinson's return
He will come back to us like Odin's crow

To tell us of the world beyond these gates
The world outside this precious ivory tower
The world of Leah, Karmi, Boone and Yates
Perhaps he'll even find a Higher Power

Oh, 'tis time to end now lest I yawn
Erase the whiteboard, Levinson has gone !

Haikus emitted after intoxication by office paint fumes

brain cells are dying
Evil fumes waft around me
Think I'll go home now.

-- KMV

breathe in the vapors
who cares if it makes you feint?
it deepens your sleep.

-- Unknown

paint colors the air
breathing artfully draws in
invisible hues

-- Unknown

chairs crown in Do they
flee the fumes too? or do they
just crave company?

-- Unknown

What profound verses!
A muse walks among the geeks
Who would have thought it?

-- Unknown

Out into the cold
Oxygen rich atmosphere
Brain cells escape death.

-- Unknown

Impressions of a coffee cake

It [sic] thought it was great.
Was there applesauce in it?
Very nice and moist.

-- Original by Garick, post processed by Darian

it thought it was great:
"put the cake in the basket"
damn! trapped by baked goods

-- Diane Galeone (channelling Jame Gumb?)