DNSstat - some DNS zone statistics

This project looks at externally visible characteristics of the authoritative DNS service for a selected set of DNS domains or zones. Its original motivation was to assess the state of deployment of features like DNSSEC and IPv6 transport in the US Research and Education community, but now includes a few other categories of institutions also. Clicking on the name of each category (in the 1st column) will display a table of DNS features and statistics (eg. internet2, esnet, etc).

The information collected includes: the number of name server records associated with the domain (zone), the number of name server addresses, how many of the servers respond to UDP queries and TCP queries, how many of the servers advertise IPv6 addresses and also respond to IPv6 DNS queries, how many of the servers support EDNS0, whether the zone supports DNSSEC. If DNSSEC is supported, what algorithms are used for the key signing and zone signing keys. If NSEC3 is supported the associated parameter information. If DS records are available (ie. there is a secure delegation from the parent), what DS hash algorithms are in use. The detail view for each individual zone has additional details.

For each category of institution, there are also two additional subcategory views that show only DNSSEC enabled, and only IPv6 enabled domains. A domain is considered to be IPv6 enabled, if it advertises at least one nameserver with an IPv6 address.

DNSstat zone information categories
CategoryDescriptionTotal DomainsDNSSEC EnabledIPv6 Enabled
internet2 Internet2 Members 265 30 (11.3%) 122 (46.0%)
esnet ESNet community 11 10 (90.9%) 11 (100.0%)
ivyleague The Ivy League 8 1 (12.5%) 5 (62.5%)
nysernet NYSERNet members 30 0 (0.0%) 14 (46.7%)
gigapop Internet2 GigaPoPs 20 3 (15.0%) 16 (80.0%)
usnews_20 US News Top 20 universities 20 4 (20.0%) 12 (60.0%)
times_hied_50 Times Higher Ed Top 50 50 11 (22.0%) 39 (78.0%)
techcom Top Tech Companies 62 10 (16.1%) 44 (71.0%)
tld Top Level Domains 1526 1397 (91.5%) 1502 (98.4%)
new_gtld New GTLD 1199 1198 (99.9%) 1198 (99.9%)
cctld Country-Code Top Level Domains 304 177 (58.2%) 282 (92.8%)
All All domains in all categories 1922 1454 (75.7%) 1716 (89.3%)

A blog article (July 13th 2012) discussing this project is available.

The data on this page are updated once per week.
Shumon Huque
Comments and questions about this project can be sent to: shuque -@- upenn.edu